The Collaborative continued its webinar series with webinar that took place April 29. The session furthered its networking with the Maryland Department and the support provided to three of the initiatives considered by the Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning. Mary Keller, Special Grant Administrator with the Division introduced and described the work of the Division with attention given the direct services workers. Barbara Selter, Chairperson for the Montgomery County Commission on Aging  delivered the keynote remarks. In setting the context for the Webinar she brings more than 30 years of experience to the area of workforce training and development. Judith Levy, Coordinator for Long Term Care in D.C. served as the Moderator for the program and introduced  members of the faculty, i.e., Jessia Neely – Director of Knowledge Management for SEEC; Sherida Morrison – Director of Workforce at Pressley Ridge; and Shountee Turner – BACH Manager for Development and Communication.