Membership and Donations

The Maryland Regional Direct Services Collaborative invites all individuals and organizations to contribute to its work toward assuring the availability of a well-trained direct services workforce throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Support provided by individuals, business organizations, and public sector agencies allow the Collaborative to be well positioned to carry out its mission.

The Collaborative is committed to keeping its stakeholders regularly informed.  Newsletters are distributed across the region in addition to conducting regular webinars and convening meetings and conferences.

Stakeholders are encouraged to be involved in the work of the Collaborative and to serve on the various taskforces and working groups. Its agenda is decided upon by those who are involved and participate in the organization’s work. In keeping with the Collaborative, everyone is encouraged to educate others and elevate attention to the key issues impacting the frontline workforce in ways that will affect positive change.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Meg LaPorte here: